1.306.1 Live scoreboard

Today we introduce another new feature - have you ever wanted to make your teams' job more competitive and fun? Now you can set up a monitor on the wall and show real-time scoreboard showing current leaderboard points, calls made, and success percentages (more metrics coming soon, if you are interested in any specific metric, contact our sales representative).


Published on 01.06.2023 15:41
1.503.30 Leaderboard points earned

Now you can analyse your teams and your own performance even better - look for the new metric "Leaderboard points earned" in worktable and reports

Published on 30.05.2023 07:58
1.305.29 Conversation uploading and leaderboard updates

Today we bring you all kinds of fixes and improvements for leaderboard editing making it more stable and reliable as well as easy to use. 

For the keen-eyed of you who have already noticed a new button in the navigation bar - we have enabled an option for you to manually upload conversation recordings that have been made not by a supported integration

Published on 29.05.2023 15:19
1.305.10 New leaderboards and metrics

Today we have reworked how you add and manage actions in leaderboards to be more user-friendly and easier to work with. 

Published on 10.05.2023 19:50
1.304.28 Leaderboard reports

We have added a new feature: Leaderboard reports which allow you to export data about a specific month as well as see every action that has earned some points for your team and edit them. Now you also can manually issue or subtract points if needed.

Leaderboard actions now should trigger consistently when listening to conversations

Published on 28.04.2023 13:18
1.304.13 Fixes, Fixes, Fixes

Today we release a big update containing fixes for report and deal filters, worktable should now show a more accurate count of conversations, and teamer integration now correctly respect Latvia time zone

We also have added more activities for leaderboards, more metrics, better video handling for bots and started working on improved reports for leaderboards

Published on 13.04.2023 16:26
1.304.6 Some intermediate updates

We still are working on a bunch of major updates but today we bring you a smaller one that removes old listening markers and adds 2 new ones. One for active listening and one for passive listening so you can more easily understand how is your interaction with the client going.

Published on 06.04.2023 12:23
1.302.28 Bugfixes and minor enhancements

This is minor bugfix update that includes updates for:

  • Leaderboards
    • Projects are now respected
    • Added more actions that can be tracked
    • Fix some actions not triggering now and then
  • Reports
    • Now you can toggle all metrics
  • Worktable
    • Fixed the wrong badge showing up
    • Made the view more stable
  • Added LMT Zvanu Pārvaldnieks as supported integration
Published on 28.02.2023 12:45
1.302.8 Fix linking with microsoft for users in organisations

Small fix to start the day. Those of you who were unable to link microsoft account because your organisation policy did not allow it - you can do it now :)


Have a nice day!

Published on 08.02.2023 09:49
1.302.7 Leaderboards

Hi thereπŸ‘‹,

Today we are introducing LEADERBOARDS - a way for you to enjoy using the system in a more fun way by competing against your teammates and earning points from tasks set out by managers.

If you are an agent you do not have to do anything but sit back, use the system and earn points.

If you are a manager head on to settings to enter action sequences and enable your agents to earn points. If you have any questions or would like to use this system but dont see before mentioned tab - let our support team know and we will reach out to support you in this dounting task.


As always - have a yes call and a nice day.

Published on 07.02.2023 19:26
1.301.2 Happy 2023!

I hope you all had a great holiday week and are ready to get back to work to raise those sales counts πŸ“ˆ.

Our team spent those few days between celebrations, trying to finalize this version so we all can start a new year with new features and an even better working system.

This update introduces and solves:

  • Video playback being slow and sometimes not seeking
  • Adds a new metric for deals - new deals
  • Deals now can be archived once they are not relevant anymore
  • Deals now can have any input field you want, just ask your manager to set them up in the settings.
  • Reports UI does not respect saved state
  • Improves metric organization in reports
  • Removed some unused report functionality like pdf export and comparing view
  • User settings not properly saving
  • Tasks are not required to have a title, which breaks some parts of UI
  • Tags are now safer and work smoother
  • Some updates for report exports
  • Some flue shots for PitchBat - sadly it still is a bit sick, we are working on it
  • Fixed hyperlinks not being 
  • other fixes throughout the system
  • Some behind-the-scenes updates, that will be more relevant in future updates πŸ˜‰

Not only PitchPatterns team has worked hard last month to get this version ready, but our AI team has also been hard at work too, bringing you new and new updates. 

  • Person splits should be more accurate for shorter monologues, as well as on the boundary places
  • Energy models have been tweaked slightly
  • Fixes for named entity keywords in transcripts
  • Performance and stability fixes πŸ’ͺ


May your 2023 be productive, successful, and positive emotions filled!

Published on 02.01.2023 20:28
1.212.22 Small fix for video playback

With this update, anyone experiencing issues with bot-recorded video should not be experiencing them anymore


Merry Christmas! πŸŽ„

Published on 22.12.2022 18:36
1.212.21 Small fix

We have fixed issues where some users would not be able to open worktable

Published on 21.12.2022 15:08
1.212.7 Quick fix for agents

We have made a quick fix to remove popups for agents that have recorded voice ids

Published on 07.12.2022 09:49
1.211.25 What has not changed in this update?

Hello Hello Hello

Another long release cycle update. As the product is growing so is the work that has to be put in to maintain and improve existing features. We hope you will enjoy what we have in store for you this time

There are more updates than I could write but the most notable ones are:

  • Tasks update:
    • You can now confirm tasks as done
    • Better filtering
  • Deals updates:
    • Refactored loading and rendering process
    • Added a bunch more filters
    • Fixed reordering and sorting
  • Reports updates:
    • Fixed excel coloring
    • Added extra metrics for Time in pitchpatterns and Conversation duration to show time in minutes and hours
  • Worktable
    • Better card loading
    • Fixed missing date stamps
  • Fixed some markers that were not showing up 
  • VoiceID will now show if your mic is not detected
  • Fixes for topics in conversations where they should not be
  • Fixed audio seeking on conversation view
  • Fixed filters in all views
  • Fixes for Safari browser
  • Note editing in conversations now accepts newlines
  • Fixes for latvian localisation
  • Updates to password requirements and user invitation process
  • Updated almost every file in the system


And there are more updates that are not significant enough to make you read more so just enjoy using the system and have a nice weekend.

Published on 25.11.2022 16:24
1.210.28 Fix for worktable

We have found and fixed an issue where worktable would show same metric values no matter what time period was set

Published on 28.10.2022 16:47
1.210.24 Smaller and larger fixes

Good morning/evening/everything in between

Today we bring you not as flashy update as the last few have been but we have fixed a lot of small usability issues

We have once a gain brought to life conversation flagging and new updates improving it will come out soon. For now, it works for organizations and projects that have calls labeled YES/NO but that will change soon hopefully as well we will start displaying some reasoning behind each flag so that it is easier to learn from them

We have updated filters in conversation and report views to improve their performance

And last but not least we have made a bunch of fixes for the worktable and calendar view

Published on 24.10.2022 06:45
1.210.10 Brand new metrics

Good morning, evening, or anything in between

We have listened to your feedback and added 15 🀯 new metrics, try them out now in the worktable and reports. They give you insight into how your team is doing with tasks and what markers they are getting in their conversations. (marker metrics will be correct starting with 10.10.2022)

As well as generating more data, we have also fixed some issues and added some more new things:

  • Reports now include the last day of the selected period not exclude it
  • The deals page is now a lot more responsive
  • Created VCC integration
  • The deal page now includes received receipts (where applicable)
  • And other smaller UI fixes
Published on 10.10.2022 05:56
1.209.27 Deals & BatsπŸ¦‡

Hello mindful callers!
Today we bring you a major update, and although it might not affect you directly if you are not using updated or introduced subsystems, it is still a celebration for everyone as this is the first update in over 30 days. We have not forgotten about our dear Pitch Patterns system, we just have been busy bees working on big features and small updates all over the system.


There are too many updates to count them all but the most important ones are:

  • Introduced deals section 
  • Don't forget to reserve one spot in the front row for PitchBat, our friendly bot that can join jour Google Meet, MS Teams, or Zoom call and record your best moments when you close those deals
  • Reworked how personal settings look ✨
  • Managers now will see conversation transcripts allowing you faster find those key phrases in calls
  • Looking for a specific call? You can find it by client name even if it is still processing
  • Found a big friendly bug that had found a home in the topics section making our system miss some Latvian un Russian keyword occurrences
  • Kindly asked some other bugs to leave us alone

We are still tuning different parts of the system so you can expect more frequent updates

Published on 27.09.2022 05:54
1.208.26 System got smarter once again

For those of you who are not manually entering conversation language in some system but want to use Topics, the system just got a lot nicer to use! From now on we will automatically detect the language of conversations.

As well as that we added some more information to the user interface:

  • We now indicate if the topic is still being processed after editing it
  • In conversation view, you now can exact time of the call as well as who made it
  • Made it more clear that agents by default see only their calls if not filtered othervise
Published on 26.08.2022 14:51
1.208.3 New challenger appears: TasksπŸ““

Hi there!
We noticed that you did not like our chat system..... sad..... but we did not like it either, so we made an update πŸ₯³ - there is no more chat system as our aim is not to compete with a lot better chat solutions like WhatsApp or email.

Introducing: Tasks πŸ““

Tasks allow you to assign tasks to other members of your organization easily. They allow you to both not forget to do something AND to ask someone else to do something like reviewing your call performance because we all know that human touch is always nice for call reviews.

Some things that you can do with tasks:

  • Remind yourself to call back someone
  • Ask teammates for a specific type of conversation (In tasks others can add comments)
  • Ask a teammate or coach to give you feedback about your performance in a call
  • Give someone else or yourself a task to remember during the next call (ask something, be less pushy etc)
  • And more features will definitely be added as time goes on

For more ideas about how to use tasks, feel free to contact our awesome support team.


But tasks are not all that have been added in this update:
We also have added 4 new metrics:

  • Energetic / Happy voice client
  • Emphatic / Sad voice client
  • Dominant / Angry voice client
  • Average sale amount (where applicable)

And we slightly tweaked how agents' emotion metrics are calculated to better represent the flow of conversation.

And added more options for what to see in reports for managers.

And (I promise this is the last one) we added an option to change the audio playback rate in the conversation screen to allow you to faster find what you are looking for in a conversation.


Published on 03.08.2022 18:51
1.207.26 Quickfix for VoiceID

One pesky bug had appeared in VoiceID recording that did not allow you to change recording language. We found it and kindly asked to leave our codebase and look for a new home.

Published on 26.07.2022 08:24
1.207.22 Piping upgrades 🚿


You all are amazing and using the system more than we could have imagined. But this created a small issue - our gauges in the dashboard were not powerful enough and turned over showing false data.

We have changed them for more powerful ones and now everything should be good again.

Thank you for using Pitch Patterns!
Published on 22.07.2022 12:32
1.207.15 Some minor fixes

We have updated some minor things like goal editing now shows errors more clearly and does not allow invalid values, and some other happy bugs that have been set free.

Published on 15.07.2022 15:55
1.207.6 We are still alive and building the system πŸ—

Heyo everyone, I know we haven't published any updates since the 15th of June but we are alive and quite well, thanks for asking 😊

We have worked long and hard to bring you improved site usability, reduced amount of annoying bugs 🦟 and made the time in our system more pleasant.

This update brings you some noticeable changes:

  • Freshened up the navigation bar with new icons 
  • Reworked note adding for all of you hard-working managers πŸ—’
  • Goal adding now is more straightforward and cleaner.
  • Goal coloring now should be more accurate as there were some bugs πŸ› in the gears of our system
  • Topic filters are not in both the conversation list and in the report view
  • Report saving for later use now should work again
  • Cleaned up conversation view so it should be faster and nicer
  • Fixed random error pages popping up left and right

And a lot more quality of life changes as always

Have a nice day β˜€οΈ

Published on 06.07.2022 11:09
1.206.15 Some minor bug removal

Fixed some small issues with goal coloring and making dashboard remember selected forters


Published on 15.06.2022 15:39
1.206.10 Major emotion overhaul 🀩

New emotion statistics are here!
Now, instead of just showing you where you were positive or negative, we are giving you a lot more detailed insights into your emotional journey in each call.
New features are:

  • 4 new metrics
    • Sadness and Anger percentage in entire call
    • Sadness and Anger percentage in the first 45s
  • New widget in conversation view showing emotion breakdown
  • New Emotion patterns graphs show more detailed information over the entire call duration πŸ“ˆ
  • The energy value is now expressed as a numeric value instead of the old three-class system

For your convenience, we have also reordered some metrics in reports and dashboards so you can easier find what you are looking for.

Also managers - you now can load timeline reports a LOT faster no longer you'll have to wait 30sec to see a report only to discover that you want to change some filters.

Published on 10.06.2022 12:29
1.206.8 Home cleaning🧹 before updates

We are working towards some sweet updates but to nicely implement them we need to clean the house a bit so this small update includes a bit smaller amount of unintended features 🐞 and splits conversational skills into two categories: conversational skills and emotional skills

Published on 08.06.2022 15:16
1.206.7 Activity time tracking πŸ•“

Now you can see how much time you have spent in PitchPatterns, just take a look at the worktable/report/dashboard

Published on 07.06.2022 14:34
1.206.6 Some fixes for the feed

Not many fashing updates, but some small tweaks for feed in worktable

Published on 06.06.2022 08:05
1.205.27 Feed for agents is here βœ‰οΈ

Ever wanted to see all your review requests and manager responses in one place?
How about your performance improvements and conversations that might have some issues and you should look at?
Ah, this caught your attention? Good, because all of this is included in the latest update.

Some other updates include:

  • Fixed some metrics in the worktable
  • Some performance fixes
  • Fixes for topics and keyword recognition
  • And as always removing some more πŸ•Έ... from where do these come anyway???
Published on 27.05.2022 14:33
1.205.24 Quickfix reports

Energy and Tempo metrics now should be correct in reports

Published on 24.05.2022 07:15
1.205.23 Quality of life just went up

We have worked hard and now we have a bunch of not so flashy but definitely needed updates

Here are some of them:

  • Reports now are faster 🏎
  • Added team timeline graph to track your entire team's performance over time
  • Improved Latvian user experience
  • Got rid of some bugs in onboarding
  • Updated emotion marker accuracy
  • Fixed goal entering
  • And got rid of some cobwebs with old 🐞
Published on 23.05.2022 15:44
1.205.19 Quick fix for some metrics

We finally caught an issue that was affecting some of the metrics, most notably patience. Now they should be displayed correctly.

Published on 19.05.2022 11:12 Worktable is correct now!

Good news our hard-working agents, your worktable now should show data in your current timezone not in UTC time

Also, marker reporting is fixed and we hopefully have fixed the issue where you would often get logged out of the system

Published on 13.05.2022 16:17
1.205.13 Getting rid of some 🐞

Our army of web developers πŸ•· has worked hard to catch bugs that were interrupting your daily work.

Also now you can sort conversations based on rating given to them and see those ratings in reports

Published on 13.05.2022 12:04
1.205.10 Conversation rework

After a lot of work we have done it:

  • Reworked conversation screen 
  • Fixed issues in chat
  • Added latest update date in helper screen
  • Implemented STT as a service
  • Added sales amount as a new metric (available where applicable)
  • Probably created some new 🐞
Published on 10.05.2022 19:50
1.205.5 Update tracking is here
  • Updated chat
  • Worktable UI updates
  • Stability improvements
  • Start tracking updates
Published on 05.05.2022 22:51