1.206.15 Some minor bug removal

Fixed some small issues with goal coloring and making dashboard remember selected forters


Published on 15.06.2022 15:39
1.206.10 Major emotion overhaul 🀩

New emotion statistics are here!
Now, instead of just showing you where you were positive or negative, we are giving you a lot more detailed insights into your emotional journey in each call.
New features are:

  • 4 new metrics
    • Sadness and Anger percentage in entire call
    • Sadness and Anger percentage in the first 45s
  • New widget in conversation view showing emotion breakdown
  • New Emotion patterns graphs show more detailed information over the entire call duration πŸ“ˆ
  • The energy value is now expressed as a numeric value instead of the old three-class system

For your convenience, we have also reordered some metrics in reports and dashboards so you can easier find what you are looking for.

Also managers - you now can load timeline reports a LOT faster no longer you'll have to wait 30sec to see a report only to discover that you want to change some filters.

Published on 10.06.2022 12:29
1.206.8 Home cleaning🧹 before updates

We are working towards some sweet updates but to nicely implement them we need to clean the house a bit so this small update includes a bit smaller amount of unintended features 🐞 and splits conversational skills into two categories: conversational skills and emotional skills

Published on 08.06.2022 15:16
1.206.7 Activity time tracking πŸ•“

Now you can see how much time you have spent in PitchPatterns, just take a look at the worktable/report/dashboard

Published on 07.06.2022 14:34
1.206.6 Some fixes for the feed

Not many fashing updates, but some small tweaks for feed in worktable

Published on 06.06.2022 08:05
1.205.27 Feed for agents is here βœ‰οΈ

Ever wanted to see all your review requests and manager responses in one place?
How about your performance improvements and conversations that might have some issues and you should look at?
Ah, this caught your attention? Good, because all of this is included in the latest update.

Some other updates include:

  • Fixed some metrics in the worktable
  • Some performance fixes
  • Fixes for topics and keyword recognition
  • And as always removing some more πŸ•Έ... from where do these come anyway???
Published on 27.05.2022 14:33
1.205.24 Quickfix reports

Energy and Tempo metrics now should be correct in reports

Published on 24.05.2022 07:15
1.205.23 Quality of life just went up

We have worked hard and now we have a bunch of not so flashy but definitely needed updates

Here are some of them:

  • Reports now are faster 🏎
  • Added team timeline graph to track your entire team's performance over time
  • Improved Latvian user experience
  • Got rid of some bugs in onboarding
  • Updated emotion marker accuracy
  • Fixed goal entering
  • And got rid of some cobwebs with old 🐞
Published on 23.05.2022 15:44
1.205.19 Quick fix for some metrics

We finally caught an issue that was affecting some of the metrics, most notably patience. Now they should be displayed correctly.

Published on 19.05.2022 11:12 Worktable is correct now!

Good news our hard-working agents, your worktable now should show data in your current timezone not in UTC time

Also, marker reporting is fixed and we hopefully have fixed the issue where you would often get logged out of the system

Published on 13.05.2022 16:17
1.205.13 Getting rid of some 🐞

Our army of web developers πŸ•· has worked hard to catch bugs that were interrupting your daily work.

Also now you can sort conversations based on rating given to them and see those ratings in reports

Published on 13.05.2022 12:04
1.205.10 Conversation rework

After a lot of work we have done it:

  • Reworked conversation screen 
  • Fixed issues in chat
  • Added latest update date in helper screen
  • Implemented STT as a service
  • Added sales amount as a new metric (available where applicable)
  • Probably created some new 🐞
Published on 10.05.2022 19:50
1.205.5 Update tracking is here
  • Updated chat
  • Worktable UI updates
  • Stability improvements
  • Start tracking updates
Published on 05.05.2022 22:51

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